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KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Ron Chernow, the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian whose book on Alexander Hamilton became the basis of the Broadway smash play, will speak May 7 at the Tennessee Theatre. The.

Ron Chernow’s 2005 biography of a Caribbean orphan who. but the catalyst for one of the most successful Broadway hits of all time — Hamilton. Now, Chernow has a new book, just out this week, which.

Ron Chernow, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of “Washington: A Life” and “Alexander Hamilton,” sets his literary sites on Ulysses S. Grant. His latest book “Grant,” paints a portrait of one of.

But Hurricane Maria, which was closing in on the islands of the Caribbean Tuesday morning, inevitably brings to mind a storm which has acquired a truly unique nickname: “The Alexander. of the storm.

Chernow, whose Alexander Hamilton biography became the basis for the musical “Hamilton” and whose book “Grant” is being developed. I look forward to hearing Ron place this unusual moment in the.

NEW YORK — Ron Chernow’s timing. his first volume since Chernow became a household name — a claim few scholarly biographers can make. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s little play helped sell more than a.

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WASHINGTON — The White House Correspondents’ Association has announced that author Ron Chernow. second year. Chernow’s biography of George Washington won the Pulitzer Prize. He also is the author.

The WHCA announced on November that Ron Chernow, the Pulitzer-winning biographer of Alexander Hamilton, George Washington and John. I promise that my history lesson won’t be dry.” Chernow’s books.

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In the statement Knox says “I’m delighted that Ron will share his. book won the National Book Award for Nonfiction — Chernow turned to the Founding Fathers and American presidents. His biography of.

Ron Chernow, the historian whose award-winning biography of Alexander Hamilton was the basis of the hit Broadway musical, is back with his seventh book, "Grant" (Penguin). It chronicles the life of.

Ronald White struck first with his excellent “American Ulysses.” Not to be outdone, Ron Chernow, known for books on Alexander Hamilton and George Washington, enters the fray with a mammoth biography.

MARTIN: We’re talking Ron Chernow, whose biography of Alexander Hamilton has sparked a massive reevaluation of America’s first treasury secretary. And now, Ron Chernow has a new book, just out this.

It’s a safe bet that Ron Chernow’s monumental new biography, Grant (Penguin Press, 959 pp., ***½ out of four stars), won’t inspire a rapping, rocking Broadway juggernaut the way his earlier best.

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But in a departure from the comedians that traditionally follow the president, historian Ron Chernow delivered. it with impunity." Chernow discussed the Founding Fathers, including Alexander.

This year’s White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) dinner lacked a comedian, but the audience of journalists was still laughing on Saturday night as historian Ron Chernow. with Chernow, who.

NEW YORK -Ron Chernow’s timing. his first volume since Chernow became a household name – a claim few scholarly biographers can make. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s little play helped sell more than a million.

Grant. But the war never really ended. Ron Chernow, whose biography of Alexander Hamilton inspired a blockbuster Broadway musical, illustrates this in his latest book, “Grant.” The war chapters are.

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