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To many people, open mics are nothing but the last-ditch effort. mic host and performer Ernesto Moncada recalls seeing now-established acts like Andrew Jackson Jihad, Michelle Blades, Tobie Milford.

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Days after returning from a solo tour opening for two-piece folk-punk act Andrew Jackson Jihad, Jackson Milgaten sits at a table. but I prefer to play with other people. It’s good to have that.

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Bomb the Music Industry! has three very specific rules for how they. inspired gutter punks and power chord-addled folk rockers. Folk-punk bands like Andrew Jackson Jihad and Defiance, Ohio may have.

Andrew Jackson Jihad (or AJJ) is one of the most influential folk punk. I think folk punk is never really a term applied by the bands that do it. It’s a tool that people use to generalize types of.

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On November 28, they issued a split single with Andrew Jackson Jihad on one side and the men from RØÅR on. as it was at the get-go but it doesn’t need to be a mopefest for people trying to get laid.

He also runs the Los Angeles-based label SideOneDummy Records, which the Valley’s favorite sons, AJJ (formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad), call home. I’m going to bring a certain vibe. Not many people.

Andrew Jackson Jihad posted a new song entitled "Candles in the Wind Bens Song" on their myspace page. The track will be on their new EP Only God Can Judge Me due out on May 01, 2008 on Plan–it–X. The.

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But, going to people’s houses, every night is totally unpredictable. And Rick Johnson, he was just doing sound for Andrew Jackson Jihad last weekend.he’s everywhere! Yeah, totally! He’s a really.

Like, we’re not the kind of band that people who like Dillinger Four and Hot Water Music. Once I realized that we were orbiting punk in our own weird way, along with bands like Andrew Jackson Jihad.

The venue couldn’t hold more than a few more hundred people, and the stage was no more than knee. The fact that Joyce Manor and Andrew Jackson Jihad would also be performing saw my expectations for.

The parking lot was packed with people milling about and there were a lot of familiar. It’s not the fullest the Trunk Space has ever been — that might have been during an Andrew Jackson Jihad.

"People recognizing us on the street. For the Zubias, it’s as much about reflection as it is nostalgia. "I look at a band like Andrew Jackson Jihad," Lawrence says. "They seem to be doing it right.

But when longtime friend Andrew Jackson Jihad suddenly asked Barry if his old band wanted. or at least the too good to be true: “Those people look wasted—yeah, there will definitely be a hangover!

If the sound of what we were playing was a lot more abrasive, a lot more confrontational, we’d lose a lot more people, but.. you can enjoy. them comparisons to local acoustic rockers Andrew.

He may be the one guy in Phoenix who’s recorded with both folk-punks Andrew Jackson Jihad and hippie rockers What Laura Says. Though Milford teaches at the Phoenix Conservatory of Music, started.

After more than a decade of performing as Andrew Jackson Jihad, the quirky lads from Phoenix. which was basically a comedy album. “The want to make people laugh came from a) ripping off my heroes.